Нужна ли виза в Индию для россиян

Нужна ли виза в Индию для россиян

Нужна ли виза в Индию для россиян 03 Сен

According to the legislation on the procedure for entry and exit from Russia, a visa is required when sending to India on vacation or for any other purpose. In St. Petersburg and Moscow, you can apply for a visa to India in two ways:

  1. Do it yourself.
  2. Entrust the business to Ayurveda Tour professionals .

Ways to apply for a visa to India

In the first case, you will need to register on the website of the Indian Visa Center, take into account many nuances and important points.

The option of applying for a visa by a tour operator is suitable for those who value efficiency, competence, professionalism and convenience. To make a visa to India in St. Petersburg or Moscow time, you only need to provide the Ayurveda Tour travel company with the necessary documents. All other procedures as soon as possible will be done by travel agency specialists, taking into account all the important requirements.

The main advantages of this method are as follows:

  • Ayurveda Tour company has vast experience in organizing Ayurvedic holidays in India, is an official tour operator in this area;
  • among the comprehensive services are assistance in obtaining a visa , with hotel reservations and quick confirmation of your reservation;

You can order any type of visa in your own official accredited visa center of the company, including an urgent one, and it takes a minimum of time and effort to complete the paperwork.


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