Аюрведический отдых на курорте Somatheeram Beach

Аюрведический отдых на курорте Somatheeram Beach

Аюрведический отдых на курорте Somatheeram Beach 19 Мая

Everyone who visited the Ayurvedic resort of Somatheeram Beach , considers this place a real paradise, immersed in the lush greenery of tropical plants and flowers on the picturesque sea coast. Situated near the Kovalam beach, the hotel has a physical and spiritual relaxation, provides opportunities for healing and treatment of various ailments. Here time slows down, an order of thoughts is acquired, a sense of internal and external harmony comes, each action is filled with deep meaning.

Health and Beauty Opportunities

Ayurveda in Somatiraram gives everyone the opportunity just to relax and indulging in a measured course of events to restore vitality, maintain beauty and health. Ayurvedic relaxation includes a variety of programs aimed at eliminating a particular problem. Procedures, daily routine, diet, sleep and wakefulness are set individually, depending on the diagnosis of a particular patient.

Ayurveda and Yoga

Since ancient times, Ayurveda, as a system of Indian medicine, has been closely intertwined with yoga - a set of ancient practices that make it possible to achieve an elevated spiritual, physical and mental state.

Ayurveda in Somatiram acts as a soul and essence, which pervades everything around, starting with the diagnosis and treatment, and ending with a unique place of residence, a unique atmosphere and spirit of serenity.

For more than 30 years, the "science of life" has been practiced in the hotel, transmitted, as is commonly believed, to humanity by the gods thousands of years ago. Ancient medical techniques are supplemented by modern discoveries, their effectiveness is enhanced by a complex combination with yoga and meditation sessions. All this helps Ayurvedic masters to achieve the best results of therapy.

Accommodation in comfortable rooms

The entire resort of Somatheeram Beach is a unique Ayurvedic complex located in an area with a unique landscape, specially preserved in its original form. Each building here is built from environmentally friendly materials. The rooms are ventilated by natural airflows, beautiful gardens are surrounded around the rooms with rooms, and the terraces offer breathtaking sea views.

You can get the spirit of Ayurveda in Somatiram Beach thanks to the traditional style of interior design of bedrooms, living rooms and gazebos. Book a room based on personal needs. For guests available apartments for a different number of places.

Individual vegetarian menu

The Ayurvedic treatment complex at Somatheeram Beach requires a certain diet. This does not mean that the food at the resort is boring, monotonous and not tasty. On the contrary. The menu is designed in such a way as to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, taking into account the individual diagnosis and prescriptions of the doctor. The main ingredients used are herbal products, and the culinary dishes themselves are prepared according to ancient recipes and traditions.

New discoveries

Buying a tour to Somatiram SPA is an opportunity not only to improve your health, but also to discover the unique nature, ancient monuments and many other interesting moments from the history and everyday life of Kerala. Staying here you can order:

Book a room or book a tour at Somatheeram Beach on our website. Just contact us in any way convenient for you. If you need a visa to India , we will also help you apply for it.

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